05 Nov

How do you eat an elephant?

It seems like I always run out of coffee too soon. Still, caffeine set-backs aside, it’s looking like November is going to be a great month for this here music-maker. We’ve just got our review for “Find My Way” in the Murfreesboro Pulse, and Chris and I couldn’t be happier. These folks sure do know how to say nice things! You can check that out here:

Also, the live music fans among you will be happy to see I’ll be playing a show on November 16th in

Saturday, November 16th 8:30 PM   $5

Saturday, November 16th
8:30 PM $5

Murfreesboro with Larry Crowley, Banks Nelson, and Allen Haynes. We’ll have CD’s for sale, great beers, and some of my favorite songwriters on stage throughout the evening. If you like the album, I’m telling you- you want to see a live show! There is something unique and wondrous about being in the room with live performers, sharing the moments of make-or-break and the fun of leaving the world behind for a few hours.


So check out that review, tell all your friends about the show on the 16th, and we’ll see you at 3 Brothers in Murfreesboro!

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